Although I originally hosted Continuum on a ComicPress-built site, I decided to move the comic to a website I designed myself. The only downside to the move was the loss of the wonderful and hilarious comments that had been left under the pages over Continuum's run. Those comments would have been lost forever - if I hadn't saved them. Here is the unedited and (almost) complete collection:

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For any non-Trekkies, Q is a capricious, omnipotent character from the Star Trek series.

After reading the above comment, I declared it canon, because of course it's true!

Jessica, if you're out there, just know that I spent ages kicking myself because I didn't think of that idea myself. Also, were you and Jess the same person? If not, that's quite the coincidence.

And finally, the best comment I ever got, by far: